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2024-06-06 (Pre-challenge day)

Kaunas, Lithuania

06:30 - 14:00 - For those who have bus tickets: moving out from Norfa in Šančiai to Estonia.

Tartumaa, Estonia - Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre

15:00 - 18:30 - Registration, handing out participant baskets, keys from houses, technical and inventory check.

Free time until 19:00. We recommend exploring the nearby Elva city and surroundings, get to know each other, do your last minute shopping, repairs before tomorrow's start.

19:00 - Briefing in English language.

19:30 - Additional briefing in other languages (Lithuanian/Russian), if agreed during English meeting.

Briefing in one of languages is obligatory to all participants.

Brief introduction to the challenge route and rules of the challenge. We'll touch on the route, some issues everyone might face during the challenge. Q&A, sharing memories, stories from previous challenges. Suggestions, comments, requests.

20:00 - Dinner in sports base, free time.

22:00 - Silence and rest time.


08:30 - Warm up and additional info

09:00 - Hydra Epic starts!


Valga, Estonia - checkpoint No. 1

09:00 - checkpoint in Valga closes.

Avg speed to reach CP in Valga before closure - 155 km/24 h or day.


Mercendarbe, Latvia - checkpoint No. 2

18:00 - checkpoint near Riga closes.


Zarasai - "Water Inn" checkpoint No. 3 & medium distance finish

09:00 - checkpoint and 1000km Finish in Zarasai closes.

Avg speed to reach CP in Zarasai before closure - 165 km/24 h or day.


Kaunas - Checkpoint No. 4

09:00 - checkpoint in Kaunas closes



22:00 - finish in Druskininkai closes

Avg speed to reach finish before the closure - 179 km/24 h or day.

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