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 registration process 

Early bird registration

Total price: 149

Pair/duo price: 279 €

20 slots in total.

Standard registration

Total price: 219 €

Pair/duo price: 419 €

50 slots in total.

Last option registration
Total price: 289 €

Pair/duo: no discount, same price per person

29 slots in total.

Paid means fully registered. No additional registration needed.

Registration deadline: 2025-04-30

Registration might be closed before this date in case all slots are used.


When registering as a pair - please write your partner's name at designated field.

What will be provided:

GPS route coordinates file (GPX format, 400, 800 or 1800 km)

- delivered to your e-mail several days before the event.
Live Tracking service
Charged tracker

Tea, cookies and something more at the finish sites
Checkpoint stamp card

Finisher's sewed-on piece with covered distance marked

- delivered to preselected distance finish
Full distance finishers will have a place to sleep

@ full distance finish
Medium distance finishers can wash their bikes and take a hot shower

@ "Water Inn" finish in Zarasai

Our partners' gifts

Dinner and accommodation before start

Small bag transfer to selected finish, if needed.
Discounts from our partners for some of their items and services

- delivered to e-mail if opted-in.

10€ from every participant will be donated to Ukraine.

Finisher's T-shirt

- given if ordered (+15 eur),

delivered to preselected finish,

participant can get money back for T-shirt,

in case of not finishing the selected distance.


In case of cancelation of the event participant has to contact us by email before 1st of July and ask for a refund.

Participant can cancel his/her participation at the event. Participant has to inform us about the cancelation no later than 30 of April. We will refund 50% of the fee.

Participation is not transferable to other person.

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